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The current pandemic has led landlords to fall out of love with letting agents. In a recent study out of 2,500 landlords, nearly “60% of landlords said they were less likely to use an agent in the coming months” (Landlord Zone, 2021). After discovering this research, we thought we’d put together some innovative marketing methods you can use to get your existing and new landlords loving you again.

Organise A Seminar – If you haven’t organised one yet, a seminar is a great way of networking with your existing and new landlords whilst also showcasing your knowledge to potential landlords. As we’re in a pandemic, we recommend organising a virtual event where you invite landlords to network in a virtual Zoom or Microsoft Teams call. Think of an engaging topic such as a form of compliance a landlord may be interested in and conduct a seminar based on that. By doing this, those landlords having difficulty in that area will be able to tune in and you can help them, giving them a reason to love you.

Offer Them Services – How are you different from the agent across the road? Think about the services you offer and make sure they stand out. At VTUK, our Openview software can provide your agency with services to make you stand out against the competition such as our repair reporting tool, Openview Task Manager. Other services you could offer landlords include virtual viewings or an online portal, all of these services are available with Openview.

Grab Their Attention – You should consider five key areas when it comes to attracting new landlords to your business. Consider how you ATTRACT them, how you build their INTEREST, earn their TRUST, move them to be MOTIVATED whilst finally gain their COMMITMENT. If you apply these five areas to your marketing, your landlords will love and commit to your agency.

Get Ready For Five Top Questions – We recommend always being ready to answer these five questions. A new landlord will usually need them answering before they make any decision on whether to use your letting agency.

  1. How much rent can I get for my property?
  2. How quickly can you rent it?
  3. Do you have tenants waiting to move in quickly?
  4. How much do you charge?
  5. What specifically is included in your fully managed vs let only service?

Know Your USP – Understanding what makes you stand out is key to winning new landlords. If you know your mission, it’s much easier to relay this to your existing and new landlords.

Think Referrals – If you have a happy landlord, use them to your advantage by getting them to pass on their message. Ask them if they’d happily give you a positive review on Google or AllAgents.

Be their “local property expert” – Demonstrate your expertise as a local property expert, show you know the local area’s property market, prices, rents and yields like the back of your hand. Highlight this across your social media and your landlords will love you.

Social Media – You have the potential to attract thousands of people to your agency using social media. Start your own blog post and provide advice which will help landlords manage their properties. The more useful the content you produce, the more your landlords will love you.

Help, retain and manage your landlords with Openview. Call 0800 328 0460, email or visit

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