Why Openview?

True advanced, automation and open banking.

Remove reliance on staff administration enabling them to focus on the things that matter – building relationships and looking for opportunities that enable growth.


We will save you £1000’s of pounds a month by having all your businesses needs in a single, complete, cloud-based solution. Our clients save over £7 Million per year in salaries with Openview Automation

Remain in Control

We will fully automate your day-to-day operational needs allowing you to remain in control of compliance, fraud, data integrity and banking. We now run over 6000 processes on 70,000 properties and it’s growing every day.

Grow your Business

We will enable you to have peace of mind, a clear exit plan & enhanced life choice, by creating a process-driven, fully automated and human error-free practice for now and proofed for the future of agency.

It's a data revolution...

One platform, with dedicated service from human beings, not ticketing, with every PropTech app you ever wanted, integrated, and connected to your data – with full support from automation, removing all your mundane processes.

  • Openview CRM System
  • Openview Hub Working
  • Openview Toolbox Apps
  • Openview Assist
  • Openview Connect
  • Openview iPortal
  • Openview Banking
  • Openview Automation

Data is at the heart of everything we do and is centrally located and easily accessible.

After 32 years of putting as much data into our CRM, as we possibly can, we have managed to create a database that has absolutely everything you would need, for every element of your property business.

Openview CRM System

Covering Sales, Letting, property management and new homes. Social housing, leaseholder management, council housing – even universities. We can give you a real feel for how the business is coping with transparent reporting and more tools for any element of the business that you may wish to get involved in.

Our functionality can save you time and liberate you to improve the quality and quantity of the service you provide while keeping you up-to-date all the time.

Designed to streamline your must-do tasks and keep you right up to date with the status of each of your properties. Advertising, matching, through to repairs, viewings and through a calendar function, reminds you of vital dates such as regulatory required submission dates and rent collection.

  • Client Accounting
  • Compliance
  • Matching
  • Reports & Letters
  • Viewings
  • Portal Uploads

Assisting you with tracking all the actions you take on your instructions; viewings, appointments, appraisals, and organizing them so you don’t miss a trick.

If you are an Estate Agent, then you are most probably dynamic, full of creative flair and methodical with your detail, these are all characteristics that are mirrored by our Openview Software for estate agents. Openview is packed full of technology and features that will revolutionise your working day.

  • Conveyancing Blockchain [New]
  • Sales Progression
  • Pipeline & Forecast
  • Calendar & Viewing
  • Matching
  • Portal Uploads

Openview Hub Working

This is our remote working platform, so whether its, independent property experts working from home or you’re testing out new territories with virtual offices – Openview Hub will enable all of that for you and has all the functionality to support you in your growth.

Openview Toolbox Apps

Every single piece of PropTech that you ever thought was useful – we’ve replicated, improved on, and then linked to our central database which are then made available through our apps; Letzone, Task Manager, Inspections and Void Management. 

Ultimately, everything you need is contained within the Openview Toolbox.

Letzone, covers all of pre-tenancy for referencing, AST and Sign-online.

Your picture reporting tool, for jobs and tasks that link into contractors, so that they can use the system to arrange the repairs and invoice you.

Helps you manage your appointments and inventory checks and even provides you with the quickest route to and from all your appointments.

Enables your tenants to be automatically registered or removed from the local councils and utility suppliers, ensuring that everything is set up ready when moving day arrives.

Openview Assist

This is where we will conduct a consultancy with you and look at what outcome you want for your business. We look at the four main areas of operations within the business.

Business Continuity, Profit and Growth and then create a road map for you which we can then design technology around to help you to achieve your goals and continually analyse your data and communications to help you achieve your goals.

Openview Connect

This is where we are providing services for all our clients. Facebook, WhatsApp and Experian connections. Websites for attracting new land deals – all sorts of different things and ways in which we can help a whole group of clients together to perform better.

Openview iPortal

On one level we can give your Webmaster access to your database so that they can publish info to your website that is relevant, and data controlled – to connecting to third parties, such as Viewber.

Through our latest partnership with Coadjute, you can connect with conveyancers, receive real-time progress updates, send secure messages and much more, all from within our Openview software. With this technology, our goal is to be able to bring the time for conveyancing down from three months to one month, helping you save 30% of your revenue through lost transactions.

Open(view) Banking

When it’s time to set up the AST, tenants can click on an automated link that opens their Internet banking enabling them to setup all of the payments in one go. No more setting up standing orders, no getting the wrong references – and no more repeating it three or four times. Get your tenancy setup in 30 seconds.

Furthermore, you can track all of the payments in the system and pay it out as well. There’s no more bank reconciliation! Fully automated, client accounting – that’s going to save an awful lot of your time.

Openview Automation

This isn’t some workflow that goes through the business, that you’re forced to operate. This is entirely bespoke and limited by your imagination. Anything that you would like to automate, we can do that for you.

A process driven business is worth more, easier to operate and recruit and train staff. We’ve currently got over 6000 processes on 70,000 properties, and that’s just the beginning. If it’s one thing you must have and need to invest in – it’s automation.

It takes 3 easy steps to get Openview


Book a demo

Use our automatic booking system to book a time that best suits you.


We migrate your data

Sit back and relax while our robots migrate your data and our technical support team set up your portals, reports, letters, and accounts.


We train you up

With a dedicated implementations expert to help you and your team get the best out of Openview.


Louise Passfield-1
“Last year we transferred across to Openview, which has been an excellent software switch for our company.

It provides so many options that the previous system couldn’t and it’s extremely easy to use. It is also cloud-based, which is perfect for our staff being able to work remotely.”
“Openview has been able to deliver substantial time savings to the business.

The level of automation and reporting on rent arrears has been revolutionary and has had immediate benefits to our operation”

“The Openview software has been the backbone of our property management infrastructure for the last six years. It helps us coordinate contractors, communicate with landlords and tenants and ensure compliance while taking care of the repetitive tasks and automating processes to save us time. Definitely an invaluable part of our business.”


Upfront Fee


once off



per user

*Starting at £200.00, depending on the components required.

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