What’s Your Exit Plan?

What we want to do is try to give you a flavour of the kind of services we provide, to hopefully assist you in the going through change in your business. Something that is personal, getting fit, losing weight is often perceived as very positive but the minute this is mentioned in relation to business it becomes hugely negative.

We’ve done consultancy in over 15,000 different companies. During that time we’ve found out that there’s a great variety of agents. Let me give you an example, at the moment the fee ban is coming in and we’re getting calls today from agents saying, “What can we do about the fee ban?”. On the other side of the coin we had agents a year ago contacting us and saying “What can we do about fee ban?” and we had more agents who on the day the fee ban was introduced in Scotland, 3 years ago said “What can we do to change?”. There’s a whole different level of agents, some are very pro-active, reactive, some who are perhaps living in the urgently important and some who plan. Throughout that we’re going to take that into account and actually design something that’s useful for any agent.

As a business we would look through the main key drivers. We’re looking to create something that’s an exit plan for that business, this can be one of four things. You’re either going to go into liquidation which is obviously something we want to stop, you’ll work their until you die the thing about that is you never know when it’s going to happen, you’re going to retire and take an income or you’re going to sell the business. It doesn’t matter which one of those things you choose, we can design a plan based around technology that will actually facilitate that.

Find out more about Openview property software, call 0800 328 0460, email info@vtuk.com or visit vtuk.com.

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