What’s The Future Of Viewings?

Whether it’s 360 cameras, virtual tours, Microsoft’s HoloLens, Google’s Glass, virtual reality or augmented reality, we’ve put together a list of trending technology we predict will have a significant impact on the future of viewings.


mmoviewer provides software which allows agents to remote control a number of different 360° cameras such as the Madventure 360 camera which we recommend, alongside all the Ricoh Theta range.

With Immoviewer you can take a single 360° image of every room in the property and then instantly create a virtual tour. When it comes to viewings, the tour can then be used with your buyers to walk through the property on a PC, tablet, phone or even in a virtual reality headset. Interactive floorplans and 3D Dollshouses can then be used from the virtual tour giving you a fantastic new way of visualising the layout of a property.

Immoviewer is changing how agents carry out viewings. Should a buyer want to move 50 miles away, there is no need for them to visit every property as they can examine them using Immoviewer’s detailed virtual tour and dollshouses and narrow it down to a shortlist of properties they can visit in a day or possibly avoid a viewing altogether.

This is saving agents, viewers and occupiers the wasted time of viewings that should never have happened and allows all of them to invest more quality time in viewings that result in transactions.

The Madventure 360 camera is available with Openview, call 0800 328 0460 or email info@vtuk.com to find out more.


Have a luxury property you’d like to capture as a virtual tour? Matterport’s Pro2 3D Camera allows you to create 3D virtual tours by scanning each room, whilst also giving you the option to turn it into a 3D dollhouse and floorplan. The Pro2 camera has been designed specifically for larger properties. Alternative 360° cameras such as the Ricoh Theta V or Insta360 One X are available for smaller properties, although the dollshouse and virtual tour options are disabled with these cameras on the Matterport system. It should also be noted that with the Matterport system they retain the ownership of the photos and tours unlike the immoviewer system where anything the agent creates is owned by them.

HoloLens/Google Glass

Believe it or not, HoloLens and Google Glass enables agents to record what they see when carrying out a viewing. We could start to see agents carrying out a viewing using the HoloLens or Google Glass to eliminate wasted physical viewings. With HoloLens, it’s even possible to add holograms and record these alongside what you see! Alternatively, HoloLens and Google Glass could be used to enhance the viewing for potential buyer by adding a holographic element.

Parrot Anafi Drone

If you invest in high value property that has a lot of land, the Parrot Anafi Drone allows you to add aerial video into your marketing. Your buyers can then view this footage through a virtual reality headset enhancing the viewing. Remember, should you be the one flying the drone, it’s vital you have a drone licence, further information can be found here.

It’s evident technology has a significant part to play is changing how viewings are carried out, but what will they actually look like in 20 years time? Will we see buyers opting simply for a virtual tour and then purchasing the property instantly or will they use technology simply to aid them in the buying process?

Discover Openview, call 0800 328 0460, email info@vtuk.com or visit vtuk.com.

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