What’s The Future For Housing And 3D Printing?

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We chatted with one of our Developer’s Jae who shared his view on the future of 3D printing and what it means for the market.

When did you first experience 3D printing?

“I was first introduced to 3D printing when I had a need to produce parts for quad copters that I race and build. I was waiting on components to come in from China and I’d have to wait a few weeks to get the parts. So there was a need to print my own which led me into building 3D printers and printing for myself.”

Will housing soon be 3D printed?

“Housing is currently already being 3D printed. There’s actually a case over in America where they’ve built a huge arm which prints 3D printed houses with concrete which will enable a future ability to create cheap housing whenever it’s needed.”

How long will it be before 3D printers are in our homes printing our furniture?

“Part of the answer to that question is they already are but as far as the technology goes its still quite new to the world. In order to 3D print, you have to learn how to use a 3D printer which is still slightly complex and can be quite frustrating. I think in the future when it becomes a much easier technology to use and it becomes more like a traditional ink printer, then there’s no reason why they wouldn’t be available in everyone’s house.”

Is it possible to print a miniature version of your own home?

“Yes, it’s definitely possible to print a miniature of your own home and in fact people do it. My brother in law is an Architect, he started the idea of printing little houses out for his industry to be able to demonstrate designs and to certainly plan to build in the future.”

What do you see for the future of 3D printing and the housing market?

“That’s a slightly tougher question because there’s a big unknown. I think if 3D printing kicks off and they can produce 3D printers that can produce in concrete or are much easier to use on a commercial level then I think they have a really big place to play but how long until that happens, I don’t really know I’m afraid.”

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