What’s A Landlords Biggest Concern?

VTUK carried out some research to find out what the ten top concerns landlords have in today’s property industry. Here’s what we found…

“My tenants won’t pay the rent?”

Many landlords are concerned what to do if their tenants don’t pay their rent. Making the Section 21 process clear with your landlord, whilst utilising our Openview software to automate the arrears process could reassure them, you as the letting agent are managing the rental process efficiently.

“My tenants could sublet?”

Landlords are concerned if their tenants start subletting their property. Make it clear with your landlord that tenants need permission to do this beforehand whilst ensuring a term is in place in your tenancy agreement for subletting.

“My tenants could damage the property?”

Managing the rental process is key. Think about using Openview’s repair reporting tool, to give tenants the ability to report any repairs directly to the landlord or yourself as the agent in an instant. This will ensure your repairs are kept up to date. Should the tenant have damaged the property and not reported this, the costs of the repair can be covered with the deposit at the end of the tenancy if it’s clearly highlighted from the inventory check.

“How can I find a good agent to work with?”

It’s clear landlords want a good agent to work with. Showing you can manage the rental process efficiently using a streamlined software system such as Openview will ensure you’re professionalism. Whether it’s arrears, compliance or your market presence, Openview can assist you in demonstrating yourself as an agent, landlords should choose.

“My property is empty and house prices are dropping, how can I cover my mortgage costs?”

Landlords are fearful of their property being empty whilst house prices are dropping. This will mean they’re continuously struggling to cover their mortgage costs.

“Do my tenants know the property is compliant?”

Using Openview to manage your complaince is key. With over 150 rules and regulations, keeping each compliance in place for every property isn’t possible without a form of software. Ensure your landlords know you’re keeping compliant using Openview.

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