What If Your Business Won £1.5 Million?

The first thing we need to do when we come into a business is look at how you’re working. Are you working in the business or on the business?

Most people are actually living in the world of must, so what are the things that i have to do. I have to have compliance, I have to email responses, I have to go to meetings. This in itself isn’t a very good place for creativity and is certainly not working on the business. About 10% of an agent’t time is spent in should. I should communicate more with people and almost uniformly hardly any time is spent in could. What could I do to increase profit? What could I do to grow my business?

Now when we start to look at could, that’s when we move from being a business where the owner is actually a Manager, to the place where the owner is a Shareholder and can start to look at the business and really develop it. So how do we do that? The reason that everybody’s working in must and should is because they live in a comfort zone. That’s not where the magic happens, the magic happens in “could” and that’s where we need to get you to as fast as we can.

We need to make sure your business is safe and secure, that business continuity is taken care of, that communications are done in the best way they possibly can, that we’re looking at profit, how you can sell more, spend less and also the growth of the business. Once we’ve done that, lets start asking the could questions. There’s a variety of different processes that we go to do that.

Change is obviously central, this is obviously the first question we start with and is the last thing I’m going to leave you with today, what would you do with your business if you won £1.5 million pounds, make it £1.5 billion pounds if you like. Often when we ask this, you’ll have a business owner sit back and think, do you know what I’d do, I’d get a Manager in, I’d take that time to do this with the business, I’ll create another revenue stream. When we take those ideas and start to quantify them, it doens’t need £1.5 million because the minute you have a business manager come in, you can start earning more money.

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