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Ever Come Across Scanbot?

Scanbot (App Store/Google Play – Free/Lite, Pro and VIP editions available at an additional cost) Our app of the week this week is ScanBot. Available as a free version with the potential to upgrade to a lite, pro or VIP version, Scanbot allows you to scan any document such as tenancy agreement with your mobile and turn into a digital PDF version in an instant. Eliminating the need to have a huge scanner in the office whilst turning all your documents digital. As well as scanning you’ll be able to send the document via fax in an instant whilst utilise the camera as a QR scanner. Whilst Scanbot can be a significant assistance to your agency by turning unnecessary paper into digital forms, VTUK can provide your agency with a complete paperless solution. We asked our tribe whether they’d prefer to fill in a paper or online form, over 75% …

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