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When Tenants Are Away Thieves Come Out To Play

Keeping your property secure is something an agent or landlord must consider. As we’re approaching the holiday season your tenants may be going away on their holidays, leaving your property at risk of burglary. Under the HHSRS checklist, security is just one of several hazards the tenancy should assess. Openview allows you to provide tenants with guidance on their responsibilities when it comes to security whilst tenants can instantly report damage as a result of a break in online. We’ve put together a useful checklist you and your tenant’s can use should they go away. Lock all windows and doors Your tenants should ensure they lock all their windows and doors, especially if they are going away. As the agent you should check these locks at the beginning of the tenancy whilst remind tenants of their duty to keep the property locked should they go away. As well as locks, …

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