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How Are Your Staff Behaving?

The UK property industry has spent 4 years in an economic maelstrom. We came to this before anyone else in the Country, while bankers, lawyers, accountants and UK PLC executives were still popping Cristal and tugging on Cohibas, the Property Guys were heading for the storm shelter and shouting ‘Twister’. No one listened. So that means that 50,000 hard working staff have been facing this onslaught for longer than any combat soldier would be expected to take. Strange analogy maybe but stress comes in many different guises and short term we can all tolerate being on “red alert”, in fact it’s healthy to feel that way, but extend that period and the nasties set in. Whether its combat or Clapham, trawler men or Tewkesbury we need time to rest and reset, or positive pressure becomes stress and that leads to irrational behaviour, depression and even worse. This year my friend …

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