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Manage Your Agency With Openview

Manage, Engage and Automate with Openview. But what do we mean by this? This blog is part 1 of a series of 3 blog posts where we’ll be exploring the Openview ecosystem. To begin with, we’re looking at how Openview can help manage your agency. Agency is in constant change, staff, compliance, working practices and this is only going to accelerate. For example, agents are seeing changes to the stamp duty holiday, right to rent changes are due whilst changes to the Section 8 form has come in. With all this constant change, it has never been such an important time to manage your business and bring order to this confusing change, enabling you to work on the business and not fire fight in the never-ending additions being put against you. That’s where our Openview property software comes in. Openview allows you to manage your agency through three different diverse …

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Right To Rent: What’s Changing On May 17th?

From May 17th 2021, Right to Rent Checks can be carried out in person as per the changes to the coronavirus restrictions. Previously, on March 30th 2020, restrictions were put in place for agents and landlords to carry out Right to Rent Checks via video link to the tenant. Should an agent or landlord have carried out a video link check between the 30th March 2020 and 16th May 2021, a repeat Right To Rent Check is not necessary as an online check via video call is suitable enough. From May 17th 2021, agents must either: Check tenants right to rent face to face, keeping a record of their original documents. Or Use the Home Office’s Right To Rent Online Service. This can be found at the link below – Of course, keeping copies of these checks is vital in order to maintain compliance. With so many properties on …

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Property Software: Changing The Shape Of The Property Industry

How is property software and prop tech changing the shape of the property industry? Below we’ve taken a translation of our Managing Director, Peter Grant’s recent interview with Property TV, Sky Channel 238. The opening question to Peter was… I imagine if you’re working in the property industry communication with your clients is very important, has software had any particular impact in the way that property agents are communicating? You’ve absolutely hit the nail on the head and in actual fact in the industry it’s probably one of the biggest driving forces at the moment. We’re seeing the rise of online agents and the reason that these companies exist is because of the way they communicate with people. They provide 24/7 data on demand which is a very convenient way of actually selling or letting property and it’s something that high street agents are now very much focusing on, to …

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