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Set Up A Specific Google Alert

It’s vital you issue the correct “How To Rent Guide” to your tenants before the start of a new or renewed tenancy. With the guide being updated on a regular basis ensuring you’re using the correct guide is becoming more and more difficult to keep track of. We recommend setting up a Google Alert to ensure you’re notified of any changes to the How To Rent Guide. According to the government’s website, the most up to date guide has been published from the 10th December 2020. The most up to date guide can be found by clicking here. Setting Up A Specific Google Alert Click here to visit Google Alerts. Type your keyword in quotations in the alerts box, in this instance it would be “How To Rent”. After the keyword, add the specific website you’d like the Google Alert to update you on. Before the URL ensure you type …

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How To Guides For The Housing Sector

The government has released several “How To” guides for the housing sector. Whether it’s buying, selling or letting a property, the guides detail everything your tenants, buyers or vendors need to know. Should you be a letting agent it’s important you issue your tenants with a copy of the latest “How To Rent” guide at the start of a new or renewed tenancy. A copy of the latest “How To Rent” guide can be downloaded below along with the other guides below. How To Rent Guide How To Rent A Safe Home How To Let How To Lease How To Buy A Home How To Sell A Home Find out more about how Openview can assist you in the housing process, call us 0800 328 0460, email us or visit us

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