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How To Gain New Instructions

As a letting or estate agent working in such a competitive market, instructions are crucial in order to grow your business. We at VTUK are aware that finding instructions is becoming more and more difficult as vendors and landlords go online and become harder and harder to find. As well as this, many landlords are exiting the industry as more and more compliance is introduced whilst vendors are continually being put off by the speed of the sales process. That’s where our Openview property software comes in. Openview is your forever software, with all this constant change Openview brings order to your confusion enabling you to work on the business rather than fire fighting in it. For example, our Openview software provides you with the tools needed to stand out in such a competitive environment and gain new instructions. Openview Toolbox features a repair reporting tool we call Task Manager. …

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Prop Tech

When’s the best time to innovate?

As we continue into recovery it’s useful to refer to the economic clock which describes four recovery steps. So far we’ve been moving through ‘hesitant and uneven’ recovery where we typically experience one step back for every two forward. As a result, most of us have been noticing the good news/bad news mix in the market. Taking the view that we will ultimately move through recovery, we need to prepare well if we’re to maximise the potential of the next boom. New products and services will be vital, which means innovation must become a priority. But when is the best time to innovate? Do you innovate at the start of a recession? Halfway through? Or at the end? Should you innovate halfway through recovery or at the top of the market? When to innovate? We believe the absolute best time to innovate is right now. At the end of any …

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Estate Agent Tips

Inside The Mind Of A Seller

What affects the decision of a seller to instruct you as an agent? We felt that if we could achieve a technological symbiosis with this question then we could naturally demonstrate an ability to gain more listings. To this end we undertook research with some of our key client accounts to crystallise the factors taken into account by sellers when making the decision on which agent to instruct. We broadly have two categories. The first centers around the “how” and the second around the “why”. Interestingly the question of “what” an agent does was either perceived incorrectly, misunderstood or in any event not hugely impactful on the choice of agent. The five factors effecting the “how” were: Is this agent experienced in selling my type of property and will I get an accurate valuation? Do they have access to the maximum number of buyers to ensure I get the best …

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