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Lighting Your Property

Another hazard under the HHSRS (Housing Health And Safety Rating System) you need to consider is light. Two Types Of Light Initially there are two types of light your property needs to be receiving, artificial and natural light. Artificial Light – “Any light source that is produced by electrical means.Artificial lighting has many different applications and is usedboth in home and commercially.” Natural Light – “The light from the sun : sunlight indoor photographs made in natural light.” The dictionary defines artificial light as light that is formed via electrical means, this being through your light bulb, whilst natural light is any light formed by the sun. Typically, natural light is received throughout the day whilst artificial light occurs at night. What should you be doing? When it comes to natural light, you should ensure the windows are not blocked and are free to let enough sunlight in. Alternatively, when …

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Protect Your Tenants From That Winter Snap

Colder weather means your properties are more at risk of damage, whether it’s the pipes, boiler, gutter or drainage system. As well as this, ensuring your lets up to date with the latest compliance will ensure your tenants are fully protected throughout the Winter months. We’ve outlined some keys things you should consider… Gas Safety With over twenty three million homes in the United Kingdom, gas safety is vital to protect your property from potential carbon monoxide poisoning. Every agent is responsible by law for keeping their gas appliances under control and in full working order. As well as this, an annual gas safety inspection must be carried out on each appliance in every one of your properties. Hiring someone to conduct the gas check can often be tricky, they must be a Gas Safe Registered engineer. Fully qualified engineers can be found on Gas Safe Register’s official site by …

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