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Domestic Abuse And The Silent 999

Whoever you are, domestic abuse can affect anyone of us. It’s estimated over 2 women a week die at the hands of their partner as a result of domestic abuse. As an agent or landlord, you may have silently noticed this abuse coming through from your tenants as rental repair reports. For example, your tenants may have reported noise complaints, breakages or continuous repairs to walls, windows, external doors or locks through Openview’s Task Manager. How Can You Help? Should you feel one of your tenant’s is suffering from domestic abuse, you should point them in the direction of the National Domestic Violence Helpline by passing on their number, 0808 2000 247. Information about the helpline should also be stated at the start of the tenancy. The Silent 999 You should also advise your tenant on how to make a Silent 999 call. This allows them to phone 999 silently, …

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