Survive The Fee Ban

How are you ensuring you survive the 2019 fee ban? As you face a loss of income, we’ve put together a useful guide to help your business not just grow but stand out from your competition.

1 Don’t Just Let It

Lettings isn’t the only market you can grow. Think about expanding into sales block management, auctions, land, property investment or new homes. This can all be managed and streamlined through Openview.

2 Train Your Staff

Train your staff on your current software system such as Openview. This will allow them to perform exceptional customer service whilst give them the ability to upsell. By doing this, you’ll be able to offer your staff incentives should they upsell to a client, boosting their happiness in the workplace, helping to retain them which will in the long run help reduce staff turnover.

3 Innovate


This is your chance to innovate and stand out against your competition. Organise your very own landlord seminars (use our guide here to help you), offer your landlords and tenants an instant, online repair reporting tool or go hybrid and establish an online service alongside your traditional high street offering, this being all possible through Openview.

4 Automate

Streamline your agency with automation. Save money as well as time using tools such as Openview which can automate those essential office tasks, allowing you to focus on growing and retaining your portfolio of landlords.

5 Increase Rent

Simply increasing rent will generate more revenue for your agency. We suggest agents think about this beforehand as tenants could backlash upon this and become unhappy. This definitely should be your last resort.

6 What Do You Do?

How do your staff spend their time on a 15-minute basis and which landlords do they spend their time for? Note down their activity based upon a traffic light system and charge for any activity that isn’t part of the landlord contract.

Find out ore about how Openview can help you beat the fee ban in 2019, call 0800 328 0460, email or visit

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