Should You Be Hybrid?

The high street is not the people pleaser it used to be. From parking to the demise of the small independent boutique shops, less and less footfall is coming to the town centre. Recent research by the British Retail Consortium revealed that visitors to the town centre are steadily declining. In July, there was a 1.4% decline in shoppers, while in August the number of shoppers on the high street dropped by 1.6%, this being below the three month average. So where are all of your potential clients?

Ideally you need to present your brand, properties and client focus on the high street, but restrictions on agencies are sometimes so strenuous and hard to overcome. But how about this concept – create your own mobile van that can drive from town to village, enabling the local communities to visit you directly from their doorstep without even visiting the town centre. Only last year RBS created their own mobile bank that travelled around the country giving customers the opportunity to visit it instead of their high street branch.

An example of this approach can be seen with the introduction of Purplebricks. Purplebricks offer the world’s first 24 hour service in an online form, but they also offer local experts so they’re able to provide elements of the traditional approach. It’s important to step back and visualise how by utilising every aspect of your agency, you’ll best facilitate growth. To this end, we’ve released Openview Online, allowing you to do exactly this.

Find out more about VTUK’s Openview property software, call us 0800 328 0460, email us or visit us

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