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When it comes to selling a property, taking the perfect photograph of the living room, garden or kitchen isn’t always an easy task. Perfecting this skill is vital, especially as photographs are the first thing your potential buyers will see of the property in your branch’s window. Photography can be a unique way of making your property stand out in such a competitive market, whilst also contribute to the overall value.

Aside from taking pictures on the ground, it’s vital to consider taking to the sky so you can enhance the way your property looks and feels to a potential buyer. One way this can be done is through the use of innovative ‘drone’ photography. By taking to the skies, you’ll be able to capture the full length of your property from its front garden right to the back. One key advantage of using drones is the way it can dramatically enhance the property, making it seem much larger and grand to what you could achieve on a much smaller scale.

Whilst photography can enhance your property’s selling point, it’s vital to consider the use of video through drones. This would likely be more effective with a larger countryside property as you’ll be able to see the scale of the property’s location. On the opposite side, utilising drones to capture the full living-life of your town may also be an advantage. Perhaps you could produce a video showcasing the local area and amenities, examining the close proximity of the local schools, shopping centres, cinemas and supermarkets, all from a bird’s eye view.

You may also want to consider using drones to capture the inside of your property in a much spectacular fashion. The use of miniature drones can help you take a photo from a higher perspective enhancing the look and feel of your photographs. When it comes to video, miniature drones can also be used inside the property to create a tour of it in a unique fashion.

We also feel drones will play a major part within the emerging VR world. Perhaps a video could be filmed using a drone touring the interior and exterior of the property. The video could be shown through a VR headset giving the potential buyer a unique tour of the property from a first person/drone perspective, making the buyer feel like they’re flying not just through the property but the location.

After spending an afternoon with technology specialists “OPS Active”, we were able to experience the potential of drones ourselves. OPS Active have acted as technology consultants within the property industry for over 13 years delivering everything from drone photography to digital marketing. As leading drone specialists we were sure they were able to give us the insight knowledge into the future of drones.

We managed to catch up with Michael Reed, CEO of “OPS Active” who was able to give us his view towards the future of drones in the property market:

“We know drones are able to capture images and video in a completely different perspective to what we see every day and they open up an opportunity to show a bigger picture about a property. There are some sectors within Estate Agency that will benefit more than others because of the regulations around flying drones in congested areas and near buildings. Trying to get aerial footage of your property opposite Buckingham palace will almost certainly land you in hot water.

For Residential Agencies the benefit is in the country houses and estates. If you have 30 acres of land, how are you showing proportions and locations with a series of photographs? Aerial images and video give you an incredible perspective on the property and a sense of the ground layout.

But for us, the biggest growth is in the Sporting Estates, Farms, Commercial and New Homes sectors. We see drone footage as important to these areas as floorplans are to Residential. By showing how the property is laid out and what is located where, you are able to illustrate the scale of the property and the topology. For the larger new homes projects, before the building is built you can immerse people into a lifestyle where they can watch the sunset from their penthouse window or balcony on the 10th floor.

I don’t see the portals being flooded with aerial imagery and video of city houses in the near future, but drone footage is definitely a way for the agents who are wanting to promote a property and have that extra ‘je ne sais quoi’ to separate themselves from the rest. If you were a prospective vendor or customer looking to instruct and saw the beautiful aerial images from one Agent and not the other, what would you think?”

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