Section 8: What Do You Need To Update?

From Tuesday 4th May 2021, letting agents and landlords must have updated their Section 8 eviction notices to include details of the Breathing Space regulations. Agents must ensure the paperwork is up to date with the new Debt Respite Scheme (Breathing Space Moratorium and Mental Health Crisis Moratorium). Should a Section 8 fail to be updated, your eviction could fail in the courts, leading to tenants remaining in your property.

Whilst updating your Section 8 paperwork is crucial, understanding the Breathing Space regulation is also vital. The main changes mean that people receiving debt advice can apply for a break for up to 60 days, this break can also take place under mental health grounds. Further information on the Breathing Space changes can be found on VTUK’s LinkedIn page –

The good news is that our Openview property software has a full directory of legal documents at your fingertips, all supplied by legal advisors, Dutton Gregory. This ensures your Section 8 remains up to date, so should there be another update in the future, you will remain legally compliant. With so many forms of compliance, using the correct paperwork is vital in order to remain risk free from fines or potential prosecution. Our Openview solution will ensure you are using the correct documentation for each form of compliance significantly reducing the risk to your agency.

Aside from the complete directory of legal documents, Openview can also assist with the Breathing Space regulations. Should your tenant be put on Breathing Space, Openview allows you to instantly record this so you’re aware that the tenant must not be approached for arrears. Multiple tenants can be recorded as being on Breathing Space allowing you to easily manage the tenancy and compliance process. In the event of a court case, Openview’s auditing process makes proving your compliance a breeze. Openview will automatically record any form of communication you have with the tenant or any stakeholder of the business allowing you to use this as proof of evidence during a court case, keeping you compliant and safe.

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The information in this blog is believed to be factually accurate at the time of writing the blog, VTUK cannot be held liable for any decisions made based on the contents of this blog.

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