Protect Your Tenants From That Winter Snap

Colder weather means your properties are more at risk of damage, whether it’s the pipes, boiler, gutter or drainage system. As well as this, ensuring your lets up to date with the latest compliance will ensure your tenants are fully protected throughout the Winter months. We’ve outlined some keys things you should consider…

Gas Safety

With over twenty three million homes in the United Kingdom, gas safety is vital to protect your property from potential carbon monoxide poisoning. Every agent is responsible by law for keeping their gas appliances under control and in full working order. As well as this, an annual gas safety inspection must be carried out on each appliance in every one of your properties. Hiring someone to conduct the gas check can often be tricky, they must be a Gas Safe Registered engineer. Fully qualified engineers can be found on Gas Safe Register’s official site by clicking here. Alternatively, read our full guide to gas safety here.


Agents and Landlords should carefully consider the boilers they have in their property whilst also take steps to ensure they are in a safe condition. As well as a gas safety check outlined above, the heating should be kept on low, especially during colder weather to ensure the pipes remain fully insulated whilst this also avoids exposing them to sudden freezing temperatures. As well as this, ensure you radiators have been bled to ensure the property is receiving as much heat as possible. If your property in going through a void period for more than 30 days we recommend draining the water system and switching the utilities off.

Electrical Safety

Electrical safety is another factor agents must consider as the winter snap approaches. Electrical Safety First demonstrate the importance of maintaining good electrical units. They highlight how every year 70 people die because of electrical accidents, while 350,000 are seriously injured. To find out more about hiring an electrician or about electrical safety please see Electric Safety First’s website here.


One disease that’s affecting property in today’s environment is legionella. As it gets colder, agent’s may refuse to go and check their empty properties, exposing their tenants to a risk of legionella.

Conducting legionella risk assessments is now a legal requirement for agents, in order to avoid their tenants becoming ill through drinking contaminated water. To find out more about protecting your property and your tenants from legionella please click here. If you’re struggling with any of your compliance needs, we at VTUK can assist with managing your compliance.

Don’t forget to download our guide to managing your repairs over the Christmas period. Click here to download it on our Openview Enterprise Facebook Group.

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