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Manage, Engage and Automate with Openview. But what do we mean by this? This blog is part 1 of a series of 3 blog posts where we’ll be exploring the Openview ecosystem. To begin with, we’re looking at how Openview can help manage your agency.

Agency is in constant change, staff, compliance, working practices and this is only going to accelerate. For example, agents are seeing changes to the stamp duty holiday, right to rent changes are due whilst changes to the Section 8 form has come in. With all this constant change, it has never been such an important time to manage your business and bring order to this confusing change, enabling you to work on the business and not fire fight in the never-ending additions being put against you.

That’s where our Openview property software comes in. Openview allows you to manage your agency through three different diverse components, Openview CRM, Openview Toolbox and Openview Hub.

To begin with, Openview CRM allows you to manage your business whether you are in sales, lettings, property management and new homes, social housing, leaseholder management, council housing and universities. We can give you a real feel for how the business is coping with the current change. With significantly transparent reporting and more tools you can use to manage any element of your business, Openview CRM is the key to managing your business successfully, allowing you to focus on the business and its growth factor.

Secondly, our Openview Toolbox combines every single form of Prop Tech you’ll ever need. It’s a combination of apps we’ve replicated and then improved on and then linked to our central database. Our apps include Letzone, Task Manager, Inspections and Void Management. Our Letzone app covers all of your pre-tenancy factors including your referencing, AST and sign-online. Our next app is our Task Manager app which is our picture reporting tool, for jobs and tasks linked to contractors. Should a tenant need a repair they can report it using Task Manager to which the report goes directly to the contractor to arrange the repair and of course, invoices you as the letting agent.

Then there is our Inspections and Void Management apps, Inspections helps you manage your appointments and Inventory checks, it even provides you with the quickest route to and from your appointments. Void Management enables your tenants to be automatically registered or removed from your local council and utility suppliers, ensuring that everything is set up and ready when moving day arrives.

Lastly, our Openview Hub allows you to take Openview wherever you go. Openview Hub is our remote working platform, so whether you’re attending an event away from the office or working from home, you’ll be able to access Openview. As we’re living in pandemic times, more and more agents are opting to test out virtual offices, Openview Hub can do this for you too.

To conclude, Openview CRM, Openview Toolbox and Openview Hub have all been specifically designed to help you manage your business. By bringing order to the constant change you’ll be able work on the things that matter the most to you, like increasing the number of instructions you have or increasing the amount of face to face time you’re getting.

Manage, Engage and Automate with Openview. Book your Openview demo below…

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