Is Bad Air Polluting Your Home?

How can you ensure the air in your home is clean? Simple things can improve the air quality within your property. Keeping the home well aired, preventing condensation and monitoring the condensation within the property are just some of the things to consider as a letting agent, landlord or even as a estate agent selling a property. Should your property be located in a major city such as London, these tips are especially important as the air outside can seek in.

The BBC have put together a useful tool you can use to check how polluted your street is. Click here to find it.

Open Your Windows

Opening your windows will ensure your property is well ventilated. We know if you’re an agent, doing this might not be possible so we recommend instructing the tenant to do this from the beginning of the tenancy.


Condensation can cause damp and mould growth putting your tenants at risk. Under the Homes (Fitness For Human Habitation) Bill, agent’s letting property must ensure damp isn’t a factor within the home. Should a tenant find mould within the property and report to the agent/landlord, they must respond within 14 days.

In order to avoid condensation, ensure any leaks from the roof/guttering are fixed. As well as this, instruct your tenants with information about how to avoid condensation, by creating a guide should you wish, instructing them to open windows on a regular basis, using an extractor fan and keeping doors closed when cooking or showering, drying washing outside or wiping down window sills.


Keeping the property at a suitable temperature will ensure the air quality in the home is sufficient. A high temperature in the home is likely to cause mould growth as the air stays moist.

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