In The Community?

When it comes to marketing your agency, “offline” marketing is just as important as your online approach. We’ve outlined some key things you should consider.

1 Newspapers

Some say it’s rather an old approach but listing your property in the “local” newspaper is still a very effective method of marketing.

2 Cards

If you were to receive a “thank you” or “congrats” card in the post with a gift inside, you’re likely to remember it. That’s why sending cards should be one of your key marketing methods. You could even ask the potential customer to tweet a picture of the card to your social media, combining your offline and online marketing.

3 Print

If people see your name everywhere they’re more likely to turn their attention to you. Consider putting your brand on the back of a bus, a park bench, in the local shopping center, bowling alley, cinema, DIY store or football ground.

4 Charity

What are you doing for charity? Think about putting on a coffee morning, a fete or taking part in annual charity days, such as Agents Giving Day. This year Agents Giving are asking agents to collect food items for food banks in the local area.

5 Boards

One obvious area of marketing is your “to let” or “for sale” boards. Ensure they match your branding, keeping the same fonts, colours and logo.

6 Open House Viewings

Organise your own Open House event. By Open House we mean, opening up your property to the general public between a certain time period. Strategically schedule the event for a weekend as more people are likely to attend.

7 Door Knocking

Your reason for knocking should be evident as many people are likely to turn you away. Maybe you could be knocking to ask if residents will join a Neighborhood Facebook Group you’ve just launched? Once you’ve built up your group, you can then use it to target your local area.

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