I am a Landlord

As a landlord, you want to know your investments are in safe hands, and when it comes to looking after your properties, Openview lets you play a bigger role in a better way.

Our intuitive platform revolutionises how our clients approach their duties. Openview offers an unparalleled toolkit of functions, created and added specifically to improve the efficiency and quality of property management and lettings.

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How we can help you better manage your investments.

Openview Toolbox Apps

Letzone covers all of pre-tenancy for referencing, AST and Sign-online. Task Manager, your picture reporting tool, for jobs and tasks that link into contractors, so that they can use the system to arrange the repairs and also invoice you. Inspections help you manage your appointments and inventory checks and even provide you with the quickest route to and from all your appointments. Void Management enables your tenants to be automatically registered or removed from the local council and the utility suppliers, ensuring that everything is set up ready when moving day arrives – ultimately, everything you need is contained within the Openview Toolbox.

Open(view) Banking

When it’s time to set up the AST, tenants can click on an automated link that opens their Internet banking enabling them to set up all of the payments in one go. No more setting up standing orders, no getting the wrong references – and no more repeating it three or four times. Get your tenancy set up in 30 seconds. Furthermore, you can track all of the payments in the system and pay them out as well. There’s no more bank reconciliation! Fully automated, client accounting – that’s going to save an awful lot of your time. 

Now let’s free up some more of your time.

Openview Automation

This isn’t some workflow that goes through the business, that you’re forced to operate. This is entirely bespoke and limited by your imagination. Anything that you would like to automate, we can do that for you. A process-driven business is worth more, easier to operate and recruit and train staff. We’ve currently got over 6000 processes on 70,000 properties, and that’s just the beginning. If it’s one thing you must have and need to invest in – it’s automation.

Looking for more opportunities?

Openview Assist

This is where we will conduct a consultancy with you and look at what outcome you want for your business. We look at the four main areas of operations within the business. Business Continuity, Profit and Growth and then create a road map for you which we can then design technology around to help you to achieve your goals and continually analyse your data and communications to help you achieve your goals.

Openview Connect

This is where we are providing services for all of our clients. Facebook, WhatsApp and Experian connections. Websites for attracting new land deals – all sorts of different things and ways in which we can help a whole group of clients together to perform better.

Manage. Engage. Automate.

Openview combines the functionality of all the current CRM’s and PropTech’s into a single, fully integrated platform – for a seamless, intuitive experience that supports the functionality to fully automate your day-to-day operational needs.

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