How To Master The Garden

When it comes to a viewing, mastering how your garden looks is crucial, especially if your property holds a lot of land. Whether it’s the front lawn or back lawn considering how you present the garden to potential buyers could be crucial to selling the property at its highest price.

Mowing The Lawn

When you mow the lawn ensure it’s a dry day, this will allow you to cut the grass more efficiently. To make the garden look even more presentable, think about hiring a gardener to mow the lawn professionally with the sellers permission. If you’re considering drone photography, this is especially important as you’ll be showcasing the garden much more.


Most importantly, ensure the garden is free from litter. If there are any plant pots, make sure soil hasn’t spilled over the edge of them. If the plant pots have moved recently and the grass has died, make sure the patches have been re-laid. Jet-wash the pavement to give the garden an even cleaner look.

The Front Lawn

This is the first area your buyers will see when they walk into the property, so it’s vital it has that “wow” factor. As stated above, make sure the garden has been mowed to a high standard and keep it clean. As well as this, use colourful plants and plant pots to make it as decorative as you can.

Soda Crystals

Putting soda crystals on your garden’s weeds will kill those weeds stuck in the gaps between the patio. There’s no need to add water to them either, simply sprinkle them within the gaps and within a few days the weeds will disappear.

Indoor Plants

Plants aren’t just outdoor’s they’re indoors as well. Scatter plants around the property to give it a fresh and clean smell, making your buyers fall in love with the property the minute they walk in.

Japanese Knotweed

Ensure you’re aware of Japanese knotweed growing in your garden. Whilst spreading rapidly the knotweed can destroy walls and underground drains, growing through them and damaging the property. It’s vital you address the problem of Japanese knotweed straight away.

Extra Room

If the garden is big enough, tidy and re-invent the conservatory or extra shed at the back of the garden. If possible, remove anything the conservatory or shed is storing and turn it into a room the buyer could use such as an office, games room or gym, helping to increase the value of the property.

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