How To Hire An Apprentice

Estate agent? Letting Agent? Are you thinking of hiring an apprentice for your office. There’s a certain way you should go about doing this and we’ve outlined everything you need to know below.

1 Choose a framework or standard for your apprenticeship.

To begin with, apprentices must be 16 years or old and combine working with studying to gain skills and knowledge in a specific sector, in this case estate or letting agency. The apprentice must be paid at least the minimum wage and be studying during the working week, at a college course or training organisation.

When going about choosing a framework, the following link can be used to look for suitable apprenticeship training for you and your staff. Current apprenticeships you could offer include a Junior Estate Agent apprenticeship or a Property Services qualification in Residential Letting and Management..

2 Find an organisation that offers training for the apprenticeship framework or standard you’ve chosen.

Once again, organisations that offer training on carrying out apprenticeship schemes can be found at this link.

3 Check funding

Funding is available from the government should you decide to hire an apprentice. The amount your agency will receive depends on whether you pay the apprenticeship levy, this will only be paid if you have a pay bill over £3 million each year.

If you don’t need to pay the levy, you’ll pay 10% towards the cost of training and assessing your apprentice. You’ll then need to agree a payment schedule with the training organisation and pay them directly for the training. The government will pay the rest (90%) to the training organisation. Extra funding could be available to help with the cost.

Should you be paying the levy, you’ll receive funds to spend on training and assessing your application, the government will also add 10%.

4 Advertise the apprenticeship

Advertise the apprenticeship online. Your training organisation will help you do this through the find an apprenticeship service.

5 Select your apprentice and make an apprenticeship agreement and commitment statement with them.

Once you’re fully trained, select your apprentice, making an apprenticeship agreement detailing what you agree to do for the apprentice including how long they’ll be employed, the training you’ll give them, their working conditions and the qualification they’re working towards. Am agreement template can be downloaded here.

A commitment statement must also be signed with your apprentice and the training organisation stating the planned content and schedule for the training, what’s expected and offered by the employer, the training organisation and the apprentice and how to resolve queries or complaints.

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