How To Gain New Instructions

As a letting or estate agent working in such a competitive market, instructions are crucial in order to grow your business. We at VTUK are aware that finding instructions is becoming more and more difficult as vendors and landlords go online and become harder and harder to find. As well as this, many landlords are exiting the industry as more and more compliance is introduced whilst vendors are continually being put off by the speed of the sales process.

That’s where our Openview property software comes in. Openview is your forever software, with all this constant change Openview brings order to your confusion enabling you to work on the business rather than fire fighting in it. For example, our Openview software provides you with the tools needed to stand out in such a competitive environment and gain new instructions. Openview Toolbox features a repair reporting tool we call Task Manager. This allows tenants to report repairs directly to the landlord, automatically alerting the contractor that a repair needs carrying out. This is just one example of a tool we can provide your agency to stand out from the crowd. Agents can even sell this tool on to landlords as a service they can use to stand out. Openview’s Task Manager allows the letting agent, landlord and tenant to work together much more conveniently whilst also providing you with a unique selling point.

Whilst enhancing the way you manage the business, Openview also works on the way you engage with every stakeholder of the business. By stakeholder, we mean sellers, landlords, applicants, tenants, contractors, suppliers, staff and crucially your community. Openview allows every stakeholder to connect with each other giving everyone in your business 100% clarity as to what is going on in the business. Should you be looking for more instructions you’ll be able to communicate this to every party in your business instantly notifying them of the need for more business. With every party being notified of the need for more instructions they’re more likely to find you more business much quicker.

Lastly, Openview’s ability to automate gives you more face-to-face time allowing you to find more instructions. It’s been proven, more face to face time can significantly enhance the business you’re getting as you’ll be networking with more businesses from in and out of your community. From tasks, to compliance, reporting and even accounts, Openview can automate your operations unleashing your staff to be creative, profit generating, property gurus. To conclude, Openview can help you gain more instructions by simply managing, engaging and automating your business.

Manage, Engage and Automate with Openview. Book your demo below…

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