How To Find New Landlords

How do you find new landlords? Whether it’s on the phone, using prop tech such as Openview or just by simply asking, we’ve put together a useful guide.

1 On The Phone

Talking directly to landlords is often the best way to make new business. Maximise your chances of receiving a referral by delivering exceptional service via phone. Ensure your staff are fully trained on your phone system, allowing them to deliver outstanding service.

2 Data

Your database is full of hidden opportunities. Think outside the box and treat your clients as individuals with the potential to be managing a property you didn’t know about. Over 505 of landlords have more than one property.

3 Within Your Staff

Cold call your own agency and listen to how your staff deal with a call. As well as this, test how your staff deal with portal leads, this will give you an idea of how your landlords are being treated.

4 In The Town

Know everything about your town. Whether it’s house prices, yields, growth and how it compares to local markets. This will put you at an advantage over your competition, allowing you to deliver this knowledge back to your landlords, making you look like a market expert.

5 Go Social

Social media allows you to find information you never could before. Network with property professionals, join groups and forums, putting your business out in the social world, whilst giving you the opportunity to meet new landlords.

6 Repairs

Keeping your landlord’s property in good condition is vital, especially if you want to retain them as a client. Allow your tenants to report repairs online with Openview.

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