How Should I Test My Smoke Alarms?

As an agent or landlord, testing your alarms correctly and on time is crucial. We’ve put together some useful guidance you can use to successfully carry out a smoke alarm test.

Method 1

There are two methods to testing your smoke alarm. The first test you can do is to simply press the test button by standing on a ladder and pressing it. The test button should be clearly identified on the alarm, if it is triggered the alarm is in full working order.

Method 2

This test involves using smoke as a way of identifying whether the alarm is working or not. Light a match, blow it out and wait for the smoke to rise towards the alarm. This should trigger the alarm. Alternatively, if you feel confident enough, use testing spray.

Should your alarms fail to work, try changing the batteries, if they fail again ensure they are fixed as soon as possible.

When should I test my smoke alarm?

Ensure the tenant’s alarm is checked on the first day of the tenancy, this being the date stated in the tenancy agreement. You should ask your tenants to sign the inventory form to confirm the alarms were tested and they are satisfied the alarms are in full working order. Should the tenant find the alarm is not working at any point during the tenancy, they should notify the agent or landlord who should provide a replacement within 28 days.

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