How do you value your property?

There are numerous methods of increasing the value of your property, considering everything from the state of the garden to its surroundings will play a factor. Extending the size of the property is a major part of increasing the value, as you’re giving potential buyers more space and more for their money.

Gardens – Making sure the garden is kept in perfect condition will increase your property value. Make the garden a place people will come and visit, time and time again, giving you the chance to value your property highly.

Internal changes – Contemplate ways you can change how the inside of your property looks. Make the rooms of the property bigger, by knocking down walls or changing the arrangement on the inside of the property.

Keeping a clean property – Make sure your property is kept clean and fresh. This will make every one of your potential clients want to buy your properties for the highest bid.

Get your property on TV – Advertising your property on TV can increase its value. If a potential viewer likes your property and is nearby, they may get in contact with your agency to arrange a viewing.

Be aware of devaluation

Devaluation could mean losing income on a valuable property. Considering the property’s location to it’s cleanliness is vital to avoid any form of devaluation.

Is your property on a flood plain? – If it is, the property’s value may reduce due to its exposed risk of flooding whilst it’s likely to be expensive when it comes to purchasing building insurance.

Is it haunted? – Whether it’s haunted or not, you should disclose this information to potential buyers. Some may find it fascinating and be persuaded to buy whilst others could be put off leading to a reduction in it’s asking price.

Does the neighbourhood have a bad reputation? – If your neighbourhood is known for crime your property’s value is likely to reduce.

Did the previous owners have pets? – The property may be damaged due to the previous owner’s having pets.

What reputation do the nearby schools have? – If the buyer has children, purchasing a property near a good school is essential if they’re going to buy the property. If the local school has a bad reputation the value of the property is likely to drop, especially if the buyer is moving due to the school’s location.

What are the neighbours like? – Living next to someone who is friendly and makes your community an enjoyable experience is a must for every buyer.

Does your property have a cluttered room? – If one of the rooms is untidy and cluttered, your property will be devalued. Always keep a clean and fresh property, especially before a viewing.

Noise – Consider the noise potential buyers are likely to occur?

Can you get a mobile phone signal? – In today’s 21st century, potential buyers will want a mobile signal to communicate.

What’s the view like outside the windows? – Waking up in the morning and seeing a building site isn’t exactly what your buyers want. Make your view outstanding giving you the best chance to value your property highly.

What transport links are available? – Consider how close your property is to transport links such as buses, trains and taxis.

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