How Can I Use Drones To Market My Property?

We asked our drone expert, Jae, for some guidance into how agents can use drones to enhance their marketing.

How can agents use drones to enhance their marketing?

An agent I’d expect would use a drone in order to take pictures of any property they have. I’m under the impression at the moment that it’s normally the case of a higher end property or a property with a decent amount of area around it. Offering drone photography is certainly a fantastic way to stand out as an agency and gain new instructions, although the operator flying the drone would need a licence to fly over any property or any area in which have people operating.

Do you need to be a qualified pilot to fly a drone?

You do need to be a qualified pilot to fly a drone. You need to take a short course which currently takes about a week and you become an experienced and qualified drone operator. This is only in the case that you will be financially gaining from your drone flying. For example, if you were to use your drone for photography, so agents would require one. Agents can apply for a licence by simply searching any CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) authorised training course online.

What do you see for the future of drones and the housing market?

I think strictly speaking the future of drones and the housing market will all really revolve around taking photographs. The cameras on the drones and quality of the images produced are getting better and their getting easier to operate.

How many drones have you flown?

During my experience with drones, I’ve found many different types from photography drones to racing and even 3D printed drones. An estimation as to how many different types of drones I’ve flown, probably 10 to 15 different individual drones.

What other uses for drones are we starting to see?

At the moment there is quite a few exciting new uses for drones, one being agriculture. There’s actually targeted spray on the crops, the drone would fly over and spray pest asides over certain areas of crop making it a lot more efficient for the farmers as they only have to use a certain amount of pest aside. Another exciting field is surveying, especially in the building trade and landscaping trades, you can use drones to make 3D mapping of any area using a flying grid referencing system.

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