Guarantee A Successful Software Implementation

Before you begin implementing you should consider three things, your vision, plan and project momentum.

What If My Implementation Fails?

Should your software implementation fail to be beneficial, there’s always more than one reason to blame. Typically, it tends to be you (the customer) that influences an inefficient system, by setting out with no vision, a lack of momentum and no communication with your staff, the end result will eventually lead to software being installed incorrectly and inefficiently. For example, a company with 400 users may see low cost software and implementation costs but may not reap the benefits of the software by utilising its tools to improve revenue, costs and customer experience, whilst at the same time improve staff morale and integrate the software further within the business in the future.

Know The Benefits

From our experience, a business that successfully implements CRM has a clear vision of why they are installing software and the benefits they can gain from this. This is then drawn out into a realistic plan which is then continuously adjusted over time. As well as this, you should think about the importance of the change you are making whilst consider what you need to remove from the business. Most importantly, question every decision you make, this allow you to focus on your process much more than the actual technology.

Why Change?

When it comes to implementing software you should think very carefully about why you’re changing in the first place. Is it because you’re looking to increase revenue? Do you want to improve your service? Is it because you’re looking to reduce operation costs by automating your business? Are you looking to deliver the right information to the right people at the right time?

How Will I Know If My Implementation’s A Success?

In order to measure the success of your software implementation you should focus on your business outcomes. You should draw up a success plan, outlining key business objectives, for example, have you improved customer feedback, this can be measured by the number of positive reviews your agency is getting. Have you improved efficiency? This can be considered by analysing if you have more time to carry out viewings or valuations whilst streamlining your admin through automation.

Another way of analysing your software’s implementation is using the Moscow method. By this we mean outlining the Must haves, Should haves, Could haves and Won’t haves of the software implementation. Focus on the critical features you need to implement throughout the business first, this is often called the Minimum Viable Phase before focusing on the nice to have features.

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