Grow Your Business With CRM

CRM systems such as Openview can significantly help you as a property professional grow your business. Ultimately, there are two things growth comes down to, reducing costs and increasing revenue. It has never been such an important time for letting agents to utilise CRM, below we’ve examined what you can do.


Think carefully about what separates you from the agent across the road? Offer customers value by delivering them services through your CRM. This doesn’t come easily, it’s vital you have a deep understanding of what your CRM can do to improve your business insight.

One example of this is Openview’s repair reporting tool, Task Manager. By offering tenants the chance to report repairs instantly, online you’ll be defining yourself from the agent down the road who doesn’t have this service, whilst offering them value as you’ll be saving the tenant and yourself time.

Industry leader, Peter Knight recently shared his views on the 3 secrets to a successful agency you should consider watching. He explains how agents can use not just CRM but several business strategies to be successful. Click here to watch it.

Superb Service

From the point of instruction right through to the progress of sale, your CRM is a place where everyone in the business has access to a single source of information, helping your customer journey flow. Openview can provide your agency with a integrated audit trail helping you seamlessly progress the sale or let of a property.

Think Smarter

CRM allows you to make smarter choices within your agency. Utilising enhanced automation allows you to automate business critical tasks giving you more time to focus on the customer or attend face to face meetings. One CRM system should allow you to work fluidly across any discipline in the property industry, sales, lettings, new homes or auctions, allowing you be able to remove any unwanted forms of prop-tech, reducing costs whilst streamlining your business.

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