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This blog is the second in a series of three blog posts exploring the Openview ecosystem. If you missed our first blog exploring how Openview can help you manage your business, please click here to read it. In this blog, we are going to be looking closer at the engage side to Openview. How can Openview assist your business in engaging with clients, colleagues and partners? How can we enhance your communications through our innovative solutions? In today’s current market, it’s quite clear how important communicating with every stakeholder of the business is, that’s why engagement is a crucial element in our ecosystem.

To begin with, the engage part of our Openview ecosystem comes in three distinctive components, Openview Assist, Openview Connect and Openview Services. Openview Assist has been designed to look directly at your business; we’ll conduct a consultancy on your business looking at the four main areas of operation, Business Continuity, Communications, Profit and Growth. We’ll then create a road map for you which we can then design technology around to help you achieve your goals and continually analyse your data and communications to help you achieve success. By focusing on the four main areas of operation, your road map will enable you to drive growth into the business. At Openview, we believe face to face time is a crucial element to growing and engaging with business, by drawing out a roadmap and utilising our tech, the probability is your engagement will increase.

Secondly, Openview Connect focuses on how you communicate with each other. We want our clients to be connected with each other so we’ve started providing services for all of our clients to do exactly that. We’ve launched our very own Openview Enterprise Facebook Group where our clients are connected with each other. It’s not just Facebook, we’re providing services for our WhatsApp and Experian connections too. We can also provide websites for attracting new land deals and all sorts of different things and ways in which we can help a whole group of clients together to perform better.

Lastly, Openview Services API gives your Webmaster access to your database, so they can publish info to your website that is relevant and data controlled. We’re also proud to announce our partnership with Coadjute this will enable a revolutionary Blockchain system to be set up allowing solicitors, lenders, search companies and the Land Registry to be connected. Our goal is to bring the time for conveyancing down from three months to one month helping you save 30% of your revenue through lost transactions. This will simply be revolutionary and allow all stakeholders to engage and communicate like nothing ever seen before.

To conclude, we can engage your agency through multiple distinctive components within the Openview ecosystem. Openview Assist is designed to look closer at your agency and draw out a roadmap for you so we can cleverly implement our tech within it, Openview Connect has been established so all our clients can connect with each other whilst Openview Services gives your Webmaster access to your database so they can publish info to your website that is relevant and data controlled, enhancing your communications. Openview Services also sees our revolutionary integration with Coadjute enabling a revolutionary Blockchain network to be set up.

Manage. Engage. Automate. Discover our Openview ecosystem, book your demo today…

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