Collaboration With Automation

“Stop fighting the inevitable and embrace the change.”

The first and foremost emotion which people exhibit when AI or automation is mentioned is FEAR.

Fear of the unknown and the dread of not being in control, all mixed in with a deep set Apathy as there are those that also believe it will take their jobs, or they struggle with the concept of not being in control.

Simply put, IT WON’T.

We have worked with Letting and Estate Agents for the past 33 years and we empathise deeply with the legislative pain that in particular letting agents have suffered in the past 2 years. However, it is now time to do something about it, take the bull by the horns and embrace technological advancement. We are not talking about machines meeting people at houses and taking them for tours, that’s just a gimmick.

What we are talking about is taking away those mundane, run of the mill, daily tasks that take up your morning – liberating your time, to proactively work on your business, and not in it. The E-Myth in a nutshell.

With our Openview automation, you can maximize your time for opportunity and enable growth. We’ll also introduce stability – let’s look a scenario whereby you are looking at an exit plan for your business, Openview’s automation will increase your business value pretty much overnight, how you ask? Any purchaser would look at your internal processes and ask where your process manual is and in this scenario your process manual is your business automation, it never goes sick, it never takes holiday, it doesn’t cause friction and at any time you can halt a process for human intervention if there is a pre-defined anomaly detected (ensuring you don’t struggle with the worry of not being in control).

Yes, Openview features a fully customisable and bespoke automation system, this has been around since 1996 (admittedly it was mainly just fax and email back then). I would urge any property professional to take some time, watch your staff, and look at your internal processes, identify what you can streamline, I think you’ll be surprised. The good news is in most cases; the benefits tremendously outweigh the costs.

Openview’s automation system works on 2 functions, triggers and schedules.

  1. Trigger – Do something when something specific happens.
  2. Schedule – Do something at a certain time, based on criteria I set.

An example of a trigger in agency might be, if a price changes within the system, print a new window card, text/email the landlord, text/email all applicants associated to that property and upload the property at the new price to subscribed portals. An example of a schedule might be, at 2:00am every morning check the overdue rents and print a letter to the tenant, also set an SMS to get sent to each tenant at 07:30am to call the office.

That’s just 2 rules, we have hundreds in our Openview property software. The trick is to not get ‘hung up’ on the rules that are already pre-defined, each rule can be fully customised and honed to your particular requirement.

If automation is something that interests you or you want to share how you have embraced Openview’s automation, we’d love to hear from you.

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