We are building two products: one for our customers and another for our employees.

Culture is the product we build for ourselves, and culture is to recruiting, as product is to marketing. Whether intentional or not, companies always have a culture.

So why not create a culture we love?

Find your future

As you have likely noticed, the world has changed. What people want from the companies they work for, has changed.

You want to work to make a difference and chart the course. We will harmonize work and life, and value amazing people.

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Who are we?

Openview is the kind of company that feels like a family where everyone is truly significant.

Launched in a bedroom in 1989, with our first offices in an old disused chicken shed, we have certainly come a long way, to our current cool Googleesque offices.

But with that history behind us, we also have the energy of a new start, with fantastic opportunities to grow really quickly, in a super dynamic industry, where environmental sustainability, robotics, automation and change are turbo driven.

We are the only truly holistic, and fully automated service for the property industry, and some of our clients are the biggest names in the UK property industry, and around the world.

We are passionately committed to our values. It’s why we exist

Make an impact

On a daily basis, we work on projects and improvements that notably impact the lives of our customers. We take pride in solving hard problems that can have tangible impacts on our future, and those within the property industry.

People you might work with

Our culture

Openview’s mission for our iconic technology, of over 32 years, is to create & enable long-term relationships, with a foundation of quality, innovation and love, in all thing’s property-related.

It feels different to work with us because our people are unlike any other. We bring a fresh perspective, mutual trust and infectious energy into our colleague relationships and relationships with our clients.

“To be part of the Openview journey, the only pre-requisites are to have a great attitude, open mind, and to love working in a fun atmosphere, with a highly aligned team, all eager to redefine how humans live and work. Come and join the evolution revolution.”

Peter Grant, Chairman and Chief Executive

Your future awaits you

As a member of the Openview team, you will be leading and delivering in a world of evolution and innovation with the very best in the business.

Quality is fundamental to us as is expectations to achieve total customer satisfaction through the distribution robust software and great customer service.
Do you have the passion, technical understanding and creative flair for website development, content creation, SEO and lead generation?
Are you an experienced Account Manager? Do you have a passion and determination for sales and exceeding targets?

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