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Prop Tech

Grow Your Business With CRM

CRM systems such as Openview can significantly help you as a property professional grow your business. Ultimately, there are two things growth comes down to, reducing costs and increasing revenue. It has never been such an important time for letting agents to utilise CRM, below we’ve examined what you can do. Value Think carefully about what separates you from the agent across the road? Offer customers value by delivering them services through your CRM. This doesn’t come easily, it’s vital you have a deep understanding of what your CRM can do to improve your business insight. One example of this is Openview’s repair reporting tool, Task Manager. By offering tenants the chance to report repairs instantly, online you’ll be defining yourself from the agent down the road who doesn’t have this service, whilst offering them value as you’ll be saving the tenant and yourself time. Industry leader, Peter Knight recently …

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What’s Taurus Automation?

Taurus is our automation system built to automate those business critical tasks. Click here to read more about Taurus or watch our videos below. Experiencing Problems With Your Property Software? Letting Agents Just Love Taurus Automate Anything? Discover Taurus Automation Software Estate Agents: What’s your Sales Pipeline? Limber Up? Meet Taurus Software for Estate Agents Connect Your Property Software With Taurus Exhausted? Save Time With Taurus Property Management Software Estate Agents: How Are You Communicating With Your Clients? Read the Reviews? Meet Taurus Business Automation Software Is Your Property Software Secure? Taurus Can Help… Find out more about Openview’s automation using Taurus, call 0800 328 0460, email or visit

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Business Growth Bingo

Whether you’re a letting or estate agent, growth is one key business driver you as a business owner need to consider. We’ve compiled together a comprehensive document of business growth tips you can use. Available for all VTUK members to download, our Business Growth Bingo document can be found in our Openview Enterprise Facebook Group. Here’s a few business tips you can use to begin with: 1 – Speed Is Key – Offer rewards to prospective tenants who let new-to-market properties within a certain time period. 3 – Perfect The Pitch – Practice your landlord pitch beforehand. Prepare documents and resources you can use within the pitch. 5 – Stay In Touch – Phone landlords at least twice a week whilst their property is void. 6 – What Can You Offer?- Offer your landlords more than your competitors. Openview’s Task Manager and online portal can significantly enhance your service offering. …

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Landlord Tips

Avoid Void Property

As an agent or landlord having a void property could result in a loss of income, therefore avoiding a void property is something you should consider. We’ve put together some tips you can use to not just avoid a void property but retain your business should you face an empty property. Let To Pets Considering tenants with pets is something you should allow especially if you’re struggling to find suitable tenants. Letting to tenants with pets is likely to bring you a longer term rental as tenants in this situation tend to typically move less often. Think Longer Term Perform exceptional customer service from the very start of each tenancy. Think about using PropTech such as Openview Online to allow your tenants to access an online version of your agency alongside your traditional high street branch whilst Openview Task Manager allows your tenants to report repairs instantly online, allowing you …

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Estate Agent Tips

Who’s Going “BANG”?

Going BANG? We’ve put a list together of things you can do to ensure your letting or estate agency has that extra snap, crackle and pop, whilst also utilising our Openview property software to enhance your marketing. 1 Offer Online As well as offering a traditional high street service, adapt your agency to online. Launch your own online affiliate brand using Openview Online which can run alongside your traditional agency. Advertise your online brand in your office window and in the window of your website. This will increase your visibility online, whilst give new clients a choice of using you or your online affiliate, giving them no reason not to approach you. 2 Get On TV Whether it’s Homes Under The Hammer, Location, Location, Location or Grand Designs, look out for TV opportunities. This June, Curve Media are looking for family run estate agents to take part in a new …

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Contractor Communication

Whether it’s your plumber, electrician or painter, communicating with your contractors is often a tricky process. We’ve outlined several things you should consider to achieve effective contractor communication. 1 Plan Plan your communication with contractors before you begin the tenancy, making sure they understand the responsibility they are undertaking. Should they be a company working on your behalf, ensure you have a point of contact you can call easily. 2 The Process Ensure you communicate with all your contractors in a similar fashion. Establishing a process of communication will allow your rentals to flow allowing you delivering outstanding customer service. Think about using Openview’s online portal, allowing all parties, contractors, landlords and tenants, to communicate instantly, giving you a seamless communication process. Think about using private social networks such as WhatsApp, LinkedIn or Facebook to establish a personal connection with your contractors too. 3 Repair Reporting Sometimes you need your …

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