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Lettings Tips

What Happened At ARLA Conference 2019?

Yesterday (Tuesday 2nd April), we joined thousands of letting agents at the ARLA Propertymark Conference 2019 at the ExCel Centre, London. Whilst providing agents with solutions they can use to ensure compliance, beat the tenant fee ban and grow their business, VTUK paid attention to the conference from key speakers happening across the day. Below we’ve summarised the key announcements from the day… ARLA Remains A Trusted Symbol Peter Savage highlighted how ARLA continuous to be a trusted symbol for renters. He revealed that 20% of the general public now know about ARLA, whilst 31% of those aged 18-30 are aware of ARLA, rising to 45% of those aged 18-30 in Greater London. The Industry Should Unite Paul Chapman, CEO of Countrywide, John Paul, MD of Castledene Group, Gillian Kent, Chairperson at Howsy and Jennie Fojtik, Head Of Leasing at Tipi explored the future business model. They clearly outlined how …

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Things Landlords Should Be Aware Of

With over 150 forms of landlord law, the complexities of drawing up a tenancy agreement and the continuous maintenance of the let, letting a property is getting more and more difficult. As a letting agent, you should elaborate on this when trying to win business from your landlord, convincing them to turn to a managed strategy. Below we’ve outlined key things your landlords and yourself as a letting agent need to consider. 1 Repairs Ensuring you correctly manage your repairs and maintenance will not only allow you to successfully serve a Section 21 but will also keep the property in good condition, reducing the risk of the tenant living in conditions unfit for human habitation. Openview’s Task Manager ensures tenant’s report repairs, instantly, online to yourself, meaning you can consult the contractor immediately, resolving the repairs process. 2 Tenants Knowing your tenant is an important part of letting a property. …

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Property Apps

Innovate With AR

Housecraft – App Store (Free) This week’s app of the week is Housecraft. Using augmented reality, Housecraft could prove beneficial to potential buyers or interior designers, looking to design their home in a certain way. By simply scanning the floor and its measurements, the app allows you to place furniture in any property giving you an idea what it will look like before you even lift a finger. Augmented reality is just one form of technology we’re beginning to embrace here at VTUK. In case you missed it, our Chairman, Peter Grant discussed with Property TV, Sky Channel 238, the impact technology is beginning to have on the property industry. Our Openview platform gives you the opportunity to innovate and stand out in the property industry. Call 0800 328 0460, email or visit

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What If Your Business Won £1.5 Million?

The first thing we need to do when we come into a business is look at how you’re working. Are you working in the business or on the business? Most people are actually living in the world of must, so what are the things that i have to do. I have to have compliance, I have to email responses, I have to go to meetings. This in itself isn’t a very good place for creativity and is certainly not working on the business. About 10% of an agent’t time is spent in should. I should communicate more with people and almost uniformly hardly any time is spent in could. What could I do to increase profit? What could I do to grow my business? Now when we start to look at could, that’s when we move from being a business where the owner is actually a Manager, to the place …

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Lettings Tips

Get To Know Your Tenants Better

Who are your tenants? Will they pay rent on time? Could they damage the property? These are just a few question you might have in your head as you begin letting to a tenant. Below we’ve outlined some key things you should do to build trust with your tenant as your start your tenancy. 1 The Tenancy Agreement By including periodic inspections within your tenancy agreement you’ll be able to gain an understanding of who your tenant actually is. Ensure these are carried on a quarterly basis at the start of the tenancy, as you get to know the tenant, these inspections can be reduced. Should the tenant be unhappy about your inspection, this could be an indicator that they have something to hide. 2 Tenant Referencing Carrying out a reference alongside a credit check (for a credit check written permission must be provided by the tenant) on your tenants …

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Property Marketing

Where Do You Get Property News?

How do you receive your news? Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, VTUK’s blog, Property Industry Eye, Estate Agent or Letting Agent Today, The Negotiator, Google or your local newspaper, receiving instant updates about the industry and your community is key. Should it be the latest industry compliance, breaking property news, news about a particular event happening in the community or simply the latest social media updates, you and your staff should be up to date. Our Openview software can help you and your staff get in know by creating your agency it’s very own RSS feed. Openview’s RSS feed will then deliver the latest, breaking news instantly to you via it’s interface, allowing you to deliver it straight back to your customers. Find out more about Openview’s RSS feed, call 0800 328 0460, email or visit

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