Avoid Void Property

As an agent or landlord having a void property could result in a loss of income, therefore avoiding a void property is something you should consider. We’ve put together some tips you can use to not just avoid a void property but retain your business should you face an empty property.

Let To Pets

Considering tenants with pets is something you should allow especially if you’re struggling to find suitable tenants. Letting to tenants with pets is likely to bring you a longer term rental as tenants in this situation tend to typically move less often.

Think Longer Term

Perform exceptional customer service from the very start of each tenancy. Think about using PropTech such as Openview Online to allow your tenants to access an online version of your agency alongside your traditional high street branch whilst Openview Task Manager allows your tenants to report repairs instantly online, allowing you to perform an exceptional repairs process. As well as service, think about rewarding your tenants on occasions to show your appreciate their service, for example at Christmas, Easter or even on their birthday!

Quick Service Is Key

When your tenant moves out, act quickly to ensure you have a new tenant. Have a plan in place to begin marketing your property the very moment they move out. Should you struggle to get a new tenant on board, use the time to decorate, furnish and perform any essential maintenance on the property.

Rent Protection

If your tenant moves out you’ll need rent protection, to guarantee an income whilst your property is void. Referencing suppliers such as Van Mildert can offer your agency this whilst remaining integrated with VTUK’s software.


How much are you charging for rent? Can you justify the rent you’re charging? Think about what your competition may be charging, utilise this knowledge and offer competitive rates.

Tenant Referencing

Always reference your tenants before letting to them. Consider what their reasons are for renting your property and whether they are likely to live there long term.

Discover Openview, call 0800 328 0460, email info@vtuk.com or visit vtuk.com.

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