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We asked out tribe to describe Taurus…

What’s Taurus?

Built within Openview, Taurus is our automation system. Using what we call business process management, Taurus can automate those employee activities that either cost the company valuable time or are business critical to the company. As well as this, Taurus can provide your business with 100% security by monitoring staff transactions, financial transactions, preforming continuous backups, monitor and control all safety and compliance as well as comply with all your pre-existing security measures. This is our response to the problems created by employee-dependent applications. Taurus can levering your organisations IT system by creating a real-time, responsive infrastructure.

Who’s it for?

Taurus is for property professionals needing to save time in and outside the office. Our Taurus system is suitable for any estate agent, landlord, leasehold block manager, lettings manager, new homes builder, property manager and social housing provider.

How does it work?

Taurus works using our rule system. By creating individual rules, Taurus can automate anything from emails, diary appointments, text messaging to turning on the heating of a property. We will teach you this rule process which is incredibly simple and easy to learn. Once you have implemented these rules, Taurus starts to automate and saves you incredible amounts of time.

Why it works?

Taurus has provided many examples of why it is the most dramatic development in software ever. For example, one of our clients has 70 rules installed across his whole business. Taurus simply saves you time with administration through a simple rule coding system.


There are many benefits of using the Taurus system. The main benefit you will notice is the amount of time you will save when it comes to administration. As an agent, you’ll be able to hold more face to face meetings with clients, giving you more time to do the stuff that makes you money. Here’s some of the benefit’s Taurus has provided an agent.

‘David has implemented something close to 70 distinct rules using the Taurus system, dealing with all aspects of his business. From an email coming into the system, he can book a new task, book a job and diary appointment. He’s taken Taurus to a new level, from everything down to missed calls. It can even do things like send a SMS Message to vacant properties, to check whether they are hot enough. In other words, Taurus sends out responses and he reacts to these responses. Each rule acts as a time saver for him and his business, effectively giving him another member of staff. He’s just completely utilised, all aspects of the Taurus system put together. Our other clients are using Taurus for compliance needs such as gas safety, moving in and out tenancies, property inspections and rent arrears’

Find out more about Openview’s automation using Taurus, call 0800 328 0460, email or visit

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