Augmented Reality: What part does it play in property?

Think about it? Being able to place your phone on any image or material object and seeing something that wasn’t there before. Essentially, this can be described as Augmented Reality and it’s something we at VTUK have been beginning to embrace as we continue to develop our estate agent software and letting agent software.

Where did it all begin?

Believe it or not, the term “Augmented Reality” (AR) was first coined by Tom Caudell in 1990. He described it as a layer that blended graphics in the virtual world into the physical world. AR has been used in various forms over the years but its association with the mobile world has led to an upsurge in the use of the technology

How is AR being used in the modern day?

AR is mainly being used across a series of applications within the mobile world. Firstly, the latest Pokémon Go app uses Augmented Reality to portray virtual Pokémon across various real-life landmarks. This use of AR within this app is giving users an excuse go out into the physical world and collect objects that are virtual. Aside from this, the latest Google Translate app allows you to scan any text and translate it instantly without the need to do anything. This technology is beginning to impact the way people can communicate abroad.

In terms of marketing, AR is also developing how brands interact with customers. The Blippar app allows you to scan any image in the real world before you’re greeted with an interactive AR image, video or animation. Many brands have taken up this innovative approach and it’s something that can potentially draw in new business.

What part does the technology play in property?

When it comes to the property industry, the technology is proving to be extremely beneficial. IKEA has already launched an app allowing homeowners to place furniture in the virtual world into the physical living room. This technique alone could allow estate agents to give potential buyers a chance to see their furniture from their home in the property they’re buying, allowing them to make an easier and quicker decision.

What does the future hold for AR and the property industry?

The future looks extremely exciting for Augmented Reality and the property industry. At VTUK, we’re closely looking into the Microsoft HoloLens which will enable you to see AR objects within the physical world by simply wearing a headset.

Ultimately, this will allow your agency to make a Skype call from anywhere, this will especially prove beneficial to your utility suppliers who’ll be able to fix a leaky tap and talk directly to you as a letting agent or landlord over Skype at the same time. Aside from this, the HoloLens will allow you to be somewhere else from the comfort of your living room. This will allow your estate agency to show a potential buyer round a property directly from your agency’s office, allowing you to carry out a viewing in an instant, dramatically enhancing the viewings process.

How are VTUK embracing Augmented Reality?

Since the demand for Augmented Reality is growing, we’ve begun to research further into the use of the technology. We’re also beginning to implement AR throughout our website and marketing materials.

Find out more about VTUK’s property software, call us 0800 328 0460, email us or visit us.

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