About us

We are more than just the products and services we offer. We stand for a mission, vision and purpose.

Openview’s mission for our iconic technology, of over 32 years, is to create & enable long-term relationships, with a foundation of quality, innovation and love, in all thing’s property-related.

Our Values

Our ‘True North’. This serves as the compass that guides us and our decision in support and pursuit of our mission, vision, and purpose.


Drive out wasteful practices and promote collaboration and shared learning. 


Experiences over products, strive to build a better future and imagine the ideal outcome.


A commitment to integrity, fairness and responsibility. Be present, trustworthy and responsive.


Examine our heritage and prioritise work that advances the mission and positively impacts the community.


Collaborate effectively and provide a quality experience that nurtures and embraces all.

Meet the team

It feels different to work with us because our people are unlike any other. We bring a fresh perspective, mutual trust and infectious energy into our colleague relationships and relationships with our clients.

Our History

VTUK has remained staunchly independent whilst developing the most advanced technology available in the industry. With iconic property solutions such as Gemini and Aquarius, under our belt, today’s CRM systems are based on the legacy that these products created.

Today, Openview is driving forward with the next generation of property technology.  

Launched this year, Openview – Powered by VTUK, is a complete and holistic solution, for every aspect of the property industry. Incorporating CRM, Proptech, Open banking, consultative and collaborative working and an API that connects the system to the digital world.


🏁 Founded in 1989 by Peter Grant and Edwin Godden in a bedroom office in Oxfordshire, the same year the internet was invented by Sir Timothy John Berners-Lee

VTUK hire their very first employee, Matthew Bowden as Technical Director.

First product developed was ‘Bank Check’. This checked bank accounts for over charging and we obtained £4 Million in refunds for Small Businesses

April 1989, we started developing ‘Sales Track’ for Estate Agencies. The first ever Multi-Branch System, even if I did mean driving around collecting Floppy Disks which we then uploaded to their central computer so agents could network together

Later that year we started developing ‘Pro Track’ for letting agents. This collected rents and performed payments for landlords.


🖥️ We developed a few other products for Plastic Moulding, Solicitors, Training Courses, and the following year we developed Mail Order Handling software


🏡 We started developing software for the Property Industry again and in 1996 we launched Gemini

Gemini was the first Estate Agency automation software which handled doubled the amount of work current systems could


⚙️ We became exclusively Property-Based and Gemini becomes the heartbeat of Lettings Management software

We launch ‘Aquarius’ our Estate Agency Software, for Estate Agents, by Estate Agents

Scorpio launched, our communications software

Taurus launched, our automation software, replacing the 1996 Gemini software


🏆 We win our first award: Estate Agent Supplier of the Year. Start hosting Round Table events with Industry Experts


🏆 We win the Venus Customer Service Award, Business IT Innovation of the Year Award and Landlord and Lettings Award.


🏆 We win West Oxfordshire Business Awards


🏆 We get 2nd place at the ‘Business IT Innovation Awards’ (Second to BT) and Letting Agency of the Year Awards

Prime Minister, David Cameron comes to visit VTUK

Attendees for our Round Table events include Bill McClintock, Lord Best, Ian Potter


🏃 VTUK run the Spartan Race and Colour Run and raise over £45,000 for Breast Cancer


🎉 We celebrated our 25th Birthday and have released 1.2 million lines of code, 136 Software Upgrades and conducted 9,968 Business Consultations for Agents across the UK and World.

To celebrate, we move to our new offices in Witney and start developing Openview.


🚀 Openview is launched. Our latest cloud-based solution combining all our previous technologies in a single, complete solution for property professionals

We exist to innovate and evolve the property industry for a future free of pain with complete control, transparency and always on communication.

Property Good News

Filled with charity news, fantastic successes, and incredible innovations to amazingly good deeds, we created this platform in 2017 to promote the industry we care so much for! It’s grown to over 1K followers and it goes up every time we look. Do you have something great to share? Email your story to info@goodpropertynews.com.

Benefits of working with us

It feels different to work with us because our people are unlike any other. We bring a fresh perspective, mutual trust and infectious energy into our colleague relationships and relationships with our clients.


Located in the beautiful Oxfordshire Cotswolds, steeped in history, rich in heritage and awash with natural beauty, the Cotswolds is rural England at its very finest.


A fun, positive working environment that encompasses every level of respect, empathy and understanding between all. These sentiments foster our culture of loyalty, innovation and collaboration. You will feel heard and valued.


Say what!?
A stress-free way to remind you, that through our trust in you, and in providing a healthy, well balanced work-life, you can call it a day without feeling an unhealthy level of self-inflicted pressure to keep working into the night.

Find your future

As you have likely noticed, the world has changed. What people want from the companies they work for, has changed.

You want to work to make a difference and chart the course. We will harmonize work and life, and value amazing people.

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