5G And The Smart Home

5G has officially started rolling out across the UK. To begin with it will be available in six cities on the EE network rising to 10 by the end of the year. Ultimately, 5G means faster internet speeds, potentially up to 20Gbs, we at VTUK would like to explore what these faster speeds mean for the housing market and how they’re likely to impact the property industry on the whole.

Smart Homes

5G’s incredible speed will allow for much deeper smart home integration. As our TV’s, kettles, washing machines, fridges and a whole manner of household devices become connected, the home Wi-Fi is getting slower and slower. Using 5G will allow much faster integration within the home, making the home smarter than ever before.

Smart Neighborhoods

5G will have a significant impact on our living neighborhoods. Driverless cars will be able to communicate fluidly whilst sensors can be deployed that notify users should a drain block or a street light go out. When it comes to house building, 5G will allow large machinery to be operated wirelessly meaning robots could soon be deployed to build houses.

Virtual Reality

When it comes to virtual tours and VR viewings, 5G will allow potential buyers to view a home extremely fluidly whilst combining augmented reality will make for a truly incredible selling experience.

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